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Our team is committed to guiding you through your weight-loss journey with Ideal Protein.  This is a pharmacy grade, scientifically backed and studied program that is doctor monitored, proven, safe and, when followed closely by the client, will show immediate, rapid results of often 3-6 pounds per week. You will be losing only fat while preserving and gaining muscle, which is the ideal way to lose weight. The health benefits of fat loss are nearly innumerable. The first step of this journey begins with a complete body assessment where we will set your weight loss goals and give you an estimate of the length of time you will spend in Phase 1. The most important part of your new lifestyle is transitioning out of the rapid weight loss of Phase 1 and into the following phases where you will learn how to maintain your weight loss and healthy new body by adopting new, lifelong habits. We will take you through it all!

What our customers are saying

"In 2017 I was at the heaviest weight I had ever been. I was 60 years old, a cancer survivor, but I was putting on weight and my health was starting to reflect that with raised blood pressure, fatigue, aching feet and knees.

My urologist recommended Altered Life's weight loss program. He advised he had gone on the program and lost nearly 30 pounds and was keeping it off by following the program.

I discussed it with my wife and made the appointment with Katja Gerber. Katja was extremely knowledgeable, very positive and answered all questions and concerns I had. I started the program and hit my ideal weight goal in 8 months. I lost over 60 pounds in a steady, healthy manner. I was able to accomplish this by sticking to the program. Sticking to the program was accomplished through Katja's constant encouragement, keeping me on track and positive. Katja made me understand it wasn't a diet it was a change in lifestyle which is now firmly in place.

I am definitely healthier and have not felt this good for nearly 20 years. I owe this to the Altered Life program and Katja's coaching. Her positive attitude and encouragement are infectious and you never lose sight of your goal.

I strongly encourage anyone who has tried to lose weight through other means to serious consider the Altered Life and Ideal Protein plan. I cannot say enough positive things about the program and Katja's coaching which helped me accomplish my weight-loss and healthy lifestyle goals."

William B.

What our customers are saying

"I struggled with losing weight for years with varying results, but it was not until after I found Altered Life Weight Loss Clinic that I finally succeeded in hitting my goals. The structure of the program makes it simple to follow, and the weekly choices of (surprisingly tasty) food made it easy to maintain variety. Checking in with my coach was not only motivating, but a very valuable learning experience about the mechanics of weight loss. My coach was very helpful in adjusting the program around my schedule and physical needs. As an example, I had a backpacking trip planned, and my coach recalculated the portions of food needed to hit the recommended macros for the increased activity, and gave me amino acids to prevent muscle loss. Since leaving the program I have maintained and improved upon my results, while advancing my level of fitness at a much quicker rate than was ever possible at my higher weight. I cannot recommend the program enough!" 

Aaron S.

What our customers are saying

"Because I am a person who does best with a coach, the Altered Life Weight Loss Diet has definitely been the perfect diet for me. Katja made it easy! With her weekly instructions and encouragement, I successfully met my weight loss goal of 25 pounds in only 3 months. I now know how to eat healthier and how important water is too both body and mind. It changed my life. Energized and excited to report that I am keeping those pounds off!

Katja will not only be my lifetime IP coach, but someone whom I shall call a “dear friend.”

Charlene S.